Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain or Shine, Mary Vestal Cleanup Is On Like Donkey Kong!

Tomorrow there is a 50% chance of rain particularly moving into the afternoon.  Because of the recent rain surge, it is possible that traversing the stream may not be possible for safety reasons.  That said, it is our intent to hold the event tomorrow and do a cleanup in the aquatic buffer, and throughout Mary Vestal park in the case that the stream is not navigable.  I encourage ya'll to come out rain or shine at least for a little bit.  Make sure to bring your rain gear and lets get things done. =)   Go Goat or Go Home as my old NCCC team used to say. 

We will be doing cleanup work in and/or around the stream and possibly throughout the park depending on ambition with a trash inventory.
Conducting a stream walk/visual assessment of the stream.

Gloves, waders, vests, grabbers, water, etc. will be provided.  Everyone who attends will get a super awesome surprise  ^_^ 

Thank you everyone,
Sara and I Hope to see you there!

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