Friday, June 29, 2012

Congrats CAC AmeriCorps Graduates 2012!

Congratulations to this year's graduating group of CAC AmeriCorps Service Members who now join the AmeriCorps Alums family.  Whatever you man now do, and wherever you may now go, you are forever part of something bigger than yourselves.   You gave a year of your life to service and to east Tennessee and in return you have become the embodiment of the principles that originally inspired you to serve.  Through action comes realization and on behalf of the Knoxville Chapter of AmeriCorps Alums, I wish you the best and hope that your service is rewarded with a sense of fulfillment and personal and professional opportunity.

Aaaand if you happen to be sticking around the Knoxville Area, know that you are always welcome to AmeriCorps Alums gatherings, events and opportunities.

-Jason Scott, President, AmeriCorps Alums Knoxville

Photo credit: Joshua Cunningham

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